Class of '62 Scholar

Following its 50th reunion, the East High School Class of 1962 established a scholarship to be awarded each year to a graduating EHS student. Our goal was to help the recipient further his or her education by providing a $1,000 award to defray some of the costs of college. We developed several criteria for determining the winner (see elsewhere in this tab), and we asked the EHS principal and a faculty committee to select the applicant who best met these criteria. The scholarship has been awarded for 5 years, and we should be very proud of the five very accomplished young ladies (yes … they are all young ladies!) who have won the award.

To view a summary of the accomplishments and goals that led to their selection as recipients of the Class of '62 Scholarship, click on the separate pages for each year.  It will be very clear that these are five very promising young people.

We – the members of the Class of ’62 – can take some small credit for helping them on their way to a bright future.


The East High School Class of 1962 Scholarship Award

The East High School Class of 1962 has established a scholarship fund that will award a $1,000 grant to a graduating senior intending to further his or her education.



Candidates for the scholarship grant must meet the following qualifications:

1. Be currently enrolled as a senior at East High School (EHS)

2. Have been a student at EHS continuously for at least two full years

3. Have been accepted for admission at a certified college, university, vocational school, or other certified institution of learning in the United States

4. Have a need for financial support to continue his or her education

5. Agree to use the funds prudently for tuition, books, or other costs of education


Selection Criteria

The recipient of the scholarship award will be the student who best meets the following criteria:

1. Has exemplary integrity and character and is respected by other students and faculty

2. Has exemplified excellent citizenship through service to the school and/or community

3. Has done one of the following: (a) demonstrated a strong potential for leadership, or (b) exhibited an interest in, and a capacity for, serving his or her community in the future, or (c) overcome a difficult circumstance, challenge, or obstacle

4. Has a good academic record, standing at least in the top half of the class. The student need not be among the top academic performers

5. In a brief essay of 200 or fewer words, is able to articulate his/her goals after graduating from EHS


Selection Process

The EHS principal and a small committee of faculty members to be appointed by him/her will determine the process for identifying candidates and selecting the winner. Using the criteria noted above, they will make the final decision on the recipient of the award. We are grateful for their assistance, and we would ask that they advise us after the first year of any changes they would recommend to the criteria.








The Class of ’62 is offering a $1,000 scholarship for an East High senior graduating in May 2013.  Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2013 to be considered by the East High Class of ’62 Scholarship Committee.  




Address _______________________________________________________________________

Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name(s) _______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Address _______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Occupation _____________________________________________________


Name of school you plan to attend__________________________________________________

Date of enrollment ______________________________________________________________

What will be your major area of study?  Please be specific if possible. _____________________


ACADEMIC INFORMATION:  (Enclose transcripts)

High School GPA?________   ACT Composite Score?_____________________

High School Academic Honors?  (Activity list may be included)  ___________________________



ACTIVITIES:  List school activities in which you participated.  (Activity list may be included)_____




List church, civic, or community activities (Activity list may be included) ___________________



Since financial need is one factor in selecting the recipient of a Class of ’62 scholarship, the following information is critical to the selection committee in their deliberations.  The information is strictly confidential and will only be reviewed by members of the scholarship selection committee.  It is very important that you answer each question.


How will your education be financed?_______________________________________________


Do you (or will you) work during the year to support your education?______________________


If so, what do you anticipate your earnings to be per year? ______________________________

Approximately what percent of your education expenses will be paid by your parents? _______

Do you have any other sources of income? __________________________________________

If so, explain:  __________________________________________________________________



Why do you feel you qualify for financial assistance? __________________________________






Please submit a completed teacher/counselor form in a sealed envelope to the scholarship committee with this application form and your student essay no later than March 1, 2013.  Applications will be received at the East High Counseling Office.


Student’s Signature_____________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature_______________________________________________________









This page is to be completed by your high school teacher or counselor.  The recommendation should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the completed packet.



Applicant’s Name

Teacher/Counselor’s Name

Please describe whatever you think is important about the student, including a description of academic and personal characteristics.  We are particularly interested in the candidate’s intellectual promise, motivation, relative maturity, commitments to service, integrity, special talents and enthusiasm, overcoming hardships (if any), and initiative.  We welcome information that will help us differentiate this student from others.  You must only use the space below for your response – no additional comments will be reviewed.  A computer copy can be used and attached with non-glare tape.








Signature of Evaluator


Teacher/Counselor: Please fill out and place in student-provided envelope, seal envelope, and return to student.








In the space below, please explain why the scholarship committee should select you to receive an East High Class of ’62 Scholarship.  Consider your goals, objectives, and how this scholarship will help you achieve these goals.  Attach another sheet, if necessary.  Please do not exceed 200 words.  Return to the East High Counselor’s Office along with the application form and the teacher/counselor statement by March 1, 2013.















Student’s Signature____________________________________________________________